IWF rules

The SAMWF follows and abide all the IWF Rules relating to the following:

  • The two lifts and general technical rules relating to the two lifts.

  • Categories (body weight).

  • Equipment.

  • Competitors clothing, e.g. costume, footwear, belt, and bandages.


Age groups (According the rules of the IWF – World Masters).


A weightlifter can enter the Masters program on the 1st January in the year he or she becomes 35 years of age regardless of the fact that the birth date may be as late as the 31st December.


Ten (age) groups for men within each body weight category. The age groups are M35 age 35-39 M40 age 40-44 M45 age 45-49 M50 age 50-54 M55 age 55-60 M60 age 60-64 M65 age 65-69 M70 age 70-74 M75 age 75-79 M80 age 80 and above.


Eight (8) age groups for women within each body weight category. The age groups are W35 age 35-39 W40 age 40-44 W45 age 45-49 W50 age 50-54 W55 age 55-59 W60 age 60-64 W65 age 65-69 W70 age 70 and above.

The SINCLAIR-MALONE-MELTZER formula (According the rules of the IWF – World Masters).


The Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer Formula (SMM) is used at Masters competitions to compute the best lifter in each age group and best overall lifter in competitions for men and for women. The formula uses the Sinclair Body Weight Coefficients (which change every 4 years) and the Malone-Meltzer Age Coefficients which remain static.

For a detailed overview of IWF technical and competition rules please follow this link: