Why should I register?

The SAMWF receives no funding or support from either SASCOC or our umbrella body the South African Weightlifting Federation (SAWF). We are a non profit organisation, however in order for us to cover such expenses as bank charges, best lifter trophies at SA Champs, website hosting etc. we need to charge a nominal registration fee of R500/year.

  • Only those who are registered will be allowed to compete at SA Masters Weightlifting Championships.  Only registered members will be able to break SA Masters records.

  • If you wish to compete in international Master Weightlifting Events you must be registered with SA Masters Weightlifting Federation (SAMWF) and South African Weightlifting Federation (SAWF).

  • Only registered members will be able to break SA Masters records

  • Only registered members will be able to compete for SAMWF at international events.

  • Registered members will eventually be given a profile space on our website where they can keep track of their competition lifts, records broken and be kept up to date with all Masters Weightlifting related news.

What is the registration process?

Please Register online, follow the link below to do so. If you experience any difficulties or have any queries about registration, please contact us via email info@mastersweightliftingsa.co.za.



Click Here For SAMWF Online Registration and Payment Form



All SAMWF members also must register with our umbrella body, the SAWF. Please register as SENIORS either through your provincial weightlifting associations or do so directly with the SAWF.

You can download their form below. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US THIS FORM OR PAYMENT.


Click Here To Download The Form.