AGM 2018 Summary

1. SA Masters Colours criteria: in order to get Colours lifters have to attain the World Masters qualifying standard and get selected and compete for SAMWF on the team.


2. Elite lifters: Best Overall Lifters at SA Champs, Arnolds and/or international competitions where SAMWF is represented as a team. Podium winners at pre-selected international comps. This will be implemented from 2018. Lifters will be allowed to put “Elite Lifter” badge on tracksuit/blazer.


3. SA vs Aus international competition approved and will be held 2nd weekend in April 2019.


3a.  The SA teams will be selected from SA Champs and 2 more qualifying competitions to be held early in 2019.

3b. Peter Pretorius from Port Elisabeth (Mona’s gym) expressed interest in hosting one of these comps.

3c. Caroline expressed an interest in hosting ‘A Celebration of Lifting/SA vs The Rest’ competition again next year. This could be the other qualifying comp?

3d. Koos will be sending a formal invitation to Australia Chairperson this week and investigating how to get the competition recognised on the international calendar.


4. Koos will investigate possibility of making Arnolds into an African Masters Championships.


5. Committee:


5a. Resignations: Allan Knoetze resigns as development coordinator

Antoinette Kriel resigns as Secretary

Michelle resigns as website development Coordinator

5b. Positions filled:

Koos stays on as Chairman

Marna Schmidt is elected as Secretary

Michelle de Jong moves over to Development Coordinator

Caroline Wolf stays on as Competitions Coordinator

Ruhan Koekemoer stays on as Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Delia Jordaan takes over website development

Aletta Beeselaar agreed to act as Masters rep in WP

Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng are already represented on the committee and will continue to work with Michelle to grow their provinces

It was agreed that Peter Pretorius will be approached to represent Eastern Cape

Representatives will be found for KZN and Free State next.


6. Development Strategy for 2019 was accepted.


7. Antoinette Kriel was accepted as honory member with full voting rights. She will continue to make contributions where she can.


8. Caroline will investigate the possibility of appointing an appropriate person on commission basis to help her get more clubs interested and able to host competitions. Once successful in Gauteng the concept can be rolled out to other provinces.


9. Koos and Antoinette will look into the problem of getting more referees qualified for Masters competitions.